59 – Apple Keynote

UP 14 places in 2022

This is Apple’s presentation software for all Mac and iOS platforms.

Website: apple.com/keynote/
Cost: Free
Availability: Download (for Mac and iOS)

Ranking in the previous 15 surveys: 2007-2021

2021: 73
2020: 81 2019: 74 2018: 57 2017: 71 2016: 64 2015: 55 2014: 57
2013: 43 2012: 93 2011: – 2010: 90 2009: 48 2008: 65 2007: 72

Comments on Apple Keynote

“Creating presentations is another way to think about how to share. The need to link elements together into a bigger picture is an important element of learning, to me.” Clark Quinn, USA, 2022

“Very flexible and allows me to create explainer videos and wireframes as well as presentations” Keith Quinn, Digital Learning Consultant, Scotland, 2022

“I use the Apple’s presentation for virtual classrooms, webinars, keynotes, presentations (e.g. in projects) and introductions in workshops (since March 2020 especially for webinars and virtual classrooms; I have to export the presentation to PDF if I want to share it with learners). In addition, producing presentations in Keynote fosters re-structuring my thoughts. Therefore, Keynote is also a tool for personal and professional learning.” Wilfred Rubens, Netherlands, 2021

“My native presentation tool. (yes, I’m an Apple person, what can I say?). It’s just cleaner for me than alternatives.” Clark Quinn, Author and Consultant, USA, 2021

“I have students create Keynote presentations to showcase information they may have collected for a report. Students then present these presentation to classmates” Teacher, USA, 2020

“when combined with Apple iMovie, you can create super visual effects with your students” Sara Carlesimo, Web Designer/Teacher, France, 2020

“Keynote is how I create presentations, another way I do, and then share, my thinking. Diagrams are a big part of my talks, punctuated with stock photos to represent concepts (from Pixabay and occasionally Unsplash). I believe (and don’t have evidence for) that using an image that relates to the concept but doesn’t exactly communicate it leaves open some curiosity that then gets connected. And that this leads to better comprehension (I avoid bullet points in live presos, and save them for handouts). Anyone got that data?” Clark Quinn, USA, 2020

Quick Guide to Apple Keynote

Here you will find some basic guidance and links to resources on how to use Apple Keynote for teaching, training, learning and development.

Individuals make use of Keynote as a presentation tool for personal and professional purposes. Here’s a Beginner’s Guide to Keynote

Keynote presentations can easily be controlled using an iPhone, iPad and even your Apple Watch,

Keynote can be used to create many different types of resources – rather than just a traditional presentation. Here are some possibilities.

  • A simple one-slide job aid – if you don’t want to use a graphics design  tool.
  • A one-slide clickable resource using hyperlinks to external resources
  • A linear set of slides that are run in slideshow mode (with or without a narration) that might act more like a screencast
  • An interactive tutorial that involves branching to different slides as desired/needed by the user.
  • Animated video – here’s how to make animated videos with Keynote

Further resources

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