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iMovie makes viewing and working with video as easy as enjoying your photos. A built-in library automatically organizes all the clips you’ve captured and movies you’ve created.

Part of Apple iLife suite
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Ranking in the previous surveys:

2021: 169 2020: 118 2019: 153 2018: 146 2017: 120 2016: 69 2015: 76 2014: –
2013: 68 2012: 100 2011: 74 2010: 95 2009: 88 2008: 66 2007: –

Comments on iMovie 

“Movie is a video creation tool that my students have on their iPads. It was mainly used as a student-based tool with them creating content which they then downloaded and turned in for various projects we did throughout the year. It makes my list because the students loved using it and made excellent creative videos using the tool.” Teacher, USA, 2022

“Creative way for students to present information.” Teacher, USA, 2020

“Provides easy to use tools to create videos as a way of teaching, or for students to create videos as a product of learning.” Science Teacher, 2020

“Really simple video editing software on IOS” Curriculum Leader, UK, 2019

Quick Guide to Apple iMovie

Here you will find some basic guidance and links to resources on how to use Apple iMovie for teaching, training, learning and development.

You can use iMovie to create your own personal videos.  Here are the main elements of creating a simple movie using iMovie.

  1. Choose a theme for your project .. and give it a name
  2. Import media into the project. Review the media in the player (top right) and then add the images and frames you want to use to the timeline (bottom)
  3. Add Audio, Titles, Backgrounds and Transitions  as required
  4. Save your movie as a MP4 file and/or share your movie on YouTube, Vimeo etc – using the Upload button (top right)

Here is a tutorial for beginners

In education Apple Movie  is used to create educational videos of all kinds

Further resources

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