159 – Animoto

DOWN 44 places

Animoto is a free service that lets you turn your photos, video clips, and music into videos to share with everyone.

Website www.animoto.com Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2017  –
Cost Free and Premium plans Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2017  –
Availability Online Top 100 Tools for Education 2017  81
Past Overall Rankings
2016: 115 2015: – 2014: – 2013: 81 2012: 39 2011: 27 2010: 28 2009:31= 2008: – 2007:-

Comments from those who selected Animoto as one of their Top 10 Tools

“Easy to use video montage tool that lets you show off your pictures and video. Great design templates and music library to add the final touch.” Michele Brown, Trainer/Instructor, USA, 2016

“Transform pictures into movies” Alin Vrancila, e-learning developer, USA, 2016

“If you want to make the tutorials even more interesting” Olga Vareli, 2014

“ease of sharing photos in way that will draw in students”  Robin Long 2013

“Upload a bunch of images with one click; add a soundtrack with another, and a final click creates a powerful movie. Captions can be added along with narrative. Easy for students to use and the results are fantastic” Russel Tarr