37 – Adobe Captivate

Down 4 places this year

Adobe Captivate is a tool for rapidly creating and maintaining interactive e-learning content.

Website: adobe.com/products/captivate.html
Cost: Commercial. Free Trial
Availability: Download

Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2019: 
Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2019: 26
Top 100 Tools for Higher Education 2019: 28

Past Overall Rankings
2018:  3.   2017:  38    2016: 39    2015: 38    2014: 33     2013: 37
2012: 43   2011: 48     2010: 38    2009: 22    2008: 30     2007:17

Comments from some of those who selected Adobe Captivate as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2019

“Excellent course development and eLearning authoring tool. Also includes no-coding-required virtual reality development.” Professor, USA

“Adobe captivate has been the pioneer tool in rapid e-learning.” Instructional Designer, India

“I only have access to this tool at work, and use it mainly to create eLearning, mostly for recording software walkthrough narrated videos or simulations.” Digital Trainer, UK

“I build learning for the workplace but I teach graduate students how to teach. To build a quality digital asset, it takes time. I have not yet had enough time to build modules for my teaching class. But Captive has affordances to engage the learner.” Assistant Professor, USA

“Advantage is its price.” Instructional Designer, USA

Previous comments

“Because it is really responsive and comes with comprehensive images/ people cutouts at reasonable pricing.” Julio Cunha, Brazil

“Robust, full-featured, reliable, professional tool set that integrates well with other” Matt Lang, USA

“because of it’s flexibility, power and ease of use” Victoria Schmidt, USA

“Use it for eLearning development for technical training and software simulations.” Christine Garraway, Trainer/Instructor, USA, 2016

“use to create full e-learning modules and separate interactions to teach one simple task” Instructional Designer, USA, 2016

“This tool is pretty flexible, and if you don’t program code, then it is fairly user-friendly. It has great depth of capacity and is mostly just more time-consuming to do custom development compared to Flash.” Kimball Larsen, e-learning developer, USA, 2016

“dependable traditional eLearning authoring tool.” L&D Manager, USA, 2016

“A bit difficult to work with” e-learning developer, Rwanda, 2016

“Not as user friendly as Storyline Articulate but it’s a beast with powerful features and it is on Windows and Mac (Unlike Storyline) It has responsive features so I can design my products for tablets, desktop, and mobile phones.” Olusegun Adegboyega-Edun, e-learning developer, USA, 2016

“It is less and less frequent, but when we do need an animation or software capture with narration/annotation, we use Captivate. I’m not prepared to defend it against competitors; it’s simply the one we use now.” Ben Carmel, 2015

“The two best products to use to create interactive, SCORM-compliant eLearning courses are Articulate’s eLearning Suite and Adobe Captivate. The reason that Captivate has made my list and not Articulate is purely because Captivate is available on both the Mac and the PC.” Bonnie Stachowiak, 2015

“most versatile eLearning authoring tool” Lieve Weymeis, 2015

“for the new responsive functionality” Sergey Snegirev, 2014
“although I hate it, I use it” Tricia Ransom, 2014

“I use this to develop courses”  Zifang Su 2013
“creates all my short tutorials and is 508 Compliant…”  Debra Robinson 2013
“increased use to develop E-Learning resources”  Mark Rollins 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“This is the tool I normally use for software screen captures (although I also dabble with Camtasia).”  Clive Shepherd

“A tool which simply does what is says on the tin. An easy to use screen capture tool which can be used for a wide range of e-learning. Probably the most used tool in this area I suspect ”  Steve Rayson

“for flash cards, software sims, and branched scenarios”  Patti Shank

“Captivate is how I develop self-paced e-learning content that is embedded within the instructor-led courses. Sometimes this is as simple as a graphic or flow chart with rollovers or hotspots; sometimes it’s a complex branching scenario. Captivate’s a good tool for all of it.”  Christy Tucker

“A SERIOUS authoring tool for demos simulations, evaluation, and scenarios-based learning”  Michael Hanley

  • “I Use this one to create simulations and demonstrations, and decision making interactions.”  Juan Antonio Ortiz