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Adobe Acrobat Pro lets you create and control Adobe PDF documents for easy distribution.

Cost: Commercial. Free Trial
Availability: Download

Ranking in the previous surveys:

2021: 91 2020: 96 2019: 88 2018: 79 2017: 57 2016: 87 2015: 94 2014: –
2013: – 2012: – 2011: – 2010: – 2009: 88 2008: 59 2007: 72

Comments on Adobe Acrobat Pro

“to fix the originality of the text” Kalaivani Kalaiselram, educator, Malaysia, 2021

“Where would we be without the ability to create PDF files from most any document. It’s easy and ensure I keep the document’s look and feel.” Training Manager, Switzerland, 2020

“Securing and reading reports/information” Michael Krzmarcik, Senior Sales Enablement Programme Manager, USA, 2020

“we can annotate, highlight, read, cut, etc the documents.” Andressa, Entrepreneur, Brazil, 2020

“deliver secure study guides with hyperlinked index pages” Teacher, 2019

Quick Guide to Adobe Acrobat Pro 

Here you will find some basic guidance and links on how to use Adobe Acrobat Pro for teaching, training, learning and development.

Adobe Acrobat Pro is a sophisticated product that can be used to create and edit PDF documents. Here are the basics of editing a PDF document

It is also a useful tool for creating interactive PDF documents like checklists and worksheets that include the use of checkboxes (where the items are to be checked off directly in the document) or other larger fillable areas (where the text is entered directly into the document

  • This video looks at how to make a PDF fillable in Acrobat Pro.

Further resources

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