Since 2007, I Jane Hart, have been compiling an annual Top Tools for Learning List from the results of an open survey. These Top Tools lists now constitute an important and interesting longitudinal study not just into the popularity of tools for learning but into learning behaviour itself.

Learning professionals (and others in related areas) are invited to nominate their Top 10 (digital) tools for learning and their contributions are then used to generate the annual list. From 2007-2015 this was a Top 100 Tools list, but to mark the 10th anniversary of the project in 2016, the list was extended to 200 tools. This year (2021) it was increased to 300 tools.

The Top 300 Tools for Learning 2021 list was generated from 2,077 votes from 33 countries and published on 1 September 2021. 3 sub-lists have also been created to show how the tools are used in context.

  1. Top 150 Tools for Personal Learning (PL150) are the top digital tools used by individuals for their own self-improvement, learning and development
  2. Top 150 Tools for Workplace Learning (WL150) are the top digital tools used to design, deliver, enable and/or support learning in the workplace.
  3. Top 150 Tools for Education (ED150) are the top digital tools used by educators and students in colleges and universities.

There are two other ways you can view the tools data at this site:

  • By category – where the tools are categorised by type
  • A-Z – where all the tools listed on the 15 surveys (2007-2021) are shown

Voting for the Top Tools for Learning 2022 is now open.

Jane Hart
1 September 2021

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