01: Web resources (and apps)

These are the tools appearing in the 01: Web resources and apps category

RankToolPPL 100WPL 100EDU 100DescriptionCHANGE
1YouTube122Video sharing platformSAME
11Wikipedia81713Collaborative encyclopediaDOWN 01
30TED Talks/Ed213862Inspirational videos & video mixing appUP 01
53Vimeo343492Video sharing platformDOWN 01
64Kindle39101101e-Book readerUP 03
68Slideshare43101101Presentation sharing platformDOWN 42
90Soundcloud5461101Cloud-based audio sharing platformUP 02
94Audible55101101Audiobooks from AmazonUP 07
117Blinkist69101101Book abstractsUP 47
130Overcast72101101Podcast appRETURNS
133Castro73101101Podcasting app
142Apple iTunes and iTunesU76101101Music, podcast and course playerUP 14
173GoodReader87101101PDF readerUP 05
190getAbstract99101101Book abstracts