4 – Microsoft Teams

UP 1 place in 2021

Microsoft Teams is the team workspace in Office 365.

Website: teams.microsoft.com
Cost: Office365 requires a subscription
Availability: Online

Ranking on the 2021 sub-lists

Top 150 Tools for
Personal Learning: 12
Top 150 Tools for
Workplace Learning: 2
Top 150 Tools for
Education: 13

Overall rankings in the previous 14 surveys: 2007-2020

2020: 5 2019: 11 2018: 27 2017: 79 2016: – 2015: – 2014: –
2013: – 2012: – 2011:  – 2010: – 2009: – 2008: – 2007: –

Comments on Microsoft Teams in 2021

“Teams enables me to search and retrieve easily. Handy to manage documents and wikis I created. Personal productivity, research, project management, community management.” Rotana Ty, Learning Catalyst, France

“We share morning greetings, water cooler chats, favorite recipes, books, movies, project communications and developments, gather peer input and opinions, and generally stay in contact with coworkers and in some cases partner organizations.” Training Director, USA

“I have used Teams more this past year in both faculty meetings for Northeastern, as well as with old college buddies when we meet monthly.  It has been invaluable working with colleagues in developing new programs” Britt Watwood, Academic, Canada

“Since Covid, this is the way our company keeps in contact. Love it!” Lili ten Berge, Animation Editor, Netherlands

“standard in workplace collaboration, highly relevant as it will replace a set of other tools soon; also used in personal context” Director, Knowledge Management, Austria

“Most organizations I work, use MS teams for collaboration and to provide online workshops and online presentations. That is why I use this application very frequently. MS Teams is definitely not my favorite application. This application has several functional limitations. And switching between different accounts is anything but smooth. Unfortunately, we often use sub-optimal tools to facilitate important processes. ” Wilfred Rubens, E-Learning Advisor, Netherlands

“Has replaced Yammer for knowledge sharing and collaboration” Shai Desai, Australia

“Since the advent of the pandemic, this tool has been my organization’s web-conferencing platform of choice. I also use the instant messaging feature for answering quick questions that colleagues ask.” Quality Assurance and Training Administrator, USA

“Microsoft doesn’t need the accolades like many of the other tools I put ahead of it, but it is by far the best tool for coordinating teamwork and hosting synchronous meetings that I’ve used. My only reservation is I find its less suitable for live teaching and workshops.” Lee Lewis, Senior Digital Learning Coordinator, UK

“Building and maintaining communities, video conferences, learning workshops.” Magnus Rode, Manager In-House Applications, Germany

“The ability to create and share content with a group makes work faster. Sharing content while simultaneously editing is very helpful. I just wish it was more fully adopted by our company.” Kely McKeown, Senior Manager, Corporate Global Training and Systems, USA

I’m obliged to use Microsoft Teams in my day job. I wasn’t a fan to begin with as there’s so much information in it – and that’s increasing by the minute judging by the constant notifications. Once I realised that you can turn these off it felt more manageable, Plus, since I can’t control the volume of information being generated, I can’t deny that it is helpful to have it all in one place. Teams has been a great source of updates on tools, tactics and nuggets of news from colleagues. I’ve also joined in webinars and online events in Teams, including ones convened by other organisations.” Olivia Rowland, UK

Previous comments

“MS Teams is the program that I’m in nearly every single day. It’s not exactly a learning tool but it’s a working tool where you learn through work. We wrote our first book on Teams using Teams within a team with internal and external people of book coaches, proofers and editors. I didn’t need to go outside it to effectively learn the entire process of book writing, creation, editing, proofing because all links and references were added as apps and plugins and links to the team channel. All meetings with editors and coaches done within the channel too. We are writing a second book at the moment (will be published in October 2020) on using Teams as a Collaboration and Learning tool.: Helen Blunden, Community Manager, Australia, 2020

“Best all around collaboration tool for chat, file sharing, calendaring, messaging, meeting(s) and staying connected IN the office or virtually..” Michael Krzmarcik, Senior Sales Enablement Programme Manager, USA, 2020

“Teams can be created based on topic needs. Pages can be created that are locked or hidden from those who shouldn’t have access but are on the team. I can schedule video call meetings or open one instantly as needed. I can store files. I can send an email link to others so they may join a meeting without downloading anything or having to create an account.” Teacher, USA, 2020

“To connnect and collaborate with others on stretch projects. Crowdsourcing answers to problems from my team.” Cat Malcom, Design Practice Manager, Australia, 2020

“Especially in the last couple of month (with the start of the pandemic), the use of virtual tools in schools and universities became much more popular – or should I better say, these institutions were forced to accelerate their development of a virtual delivery model. I personally use it for chatting, 1-1 video discussions, sharing news/info and important documents.” Joachim Worf, Global Customer Success Lead at Dell Technologies Education Services, Germany, 2020

“Teams has risen to the top for my learning and for learning at my college. The sharing/collaboration among writing, spreadsheets and other documents as well as ease of communication in different modes makes it invaluable now and I foresee it remaining that way even without a pandemic requiring more remote ways of working.” Audrey J Williams, Vice President, IT/CIO, USA, 2020

“During this time of pandemic and working remotely, Teams saved us! From video chats to file storage for project team documents it is a very powerful tool” Susan Manos, Global Learning & Development Director, USA, 2020

“I have been using Teams as a means to improve my online communication. We also use it to host live classes and it has enabled us to continue delivering our qualifications online as has many other organisations.” Steve Batchelder, Learning and Development Officer, UK, 2020

“Terrific collaboration tool for ‘in-house’ teams and bringing in ‘guest’ — everything is in one place AND MS has done a terrific job with accessibility (508 compliance). They keep getting better and better.” Penny Pearson, Coordinator, USA, 2020

“It’s simple and clients all now seem to have it! Teams’ capability and usage can only expand” Dawn Sillett, Learning & Development consultant and trainer, UK, 2020

Quick Guide to Microsoft Teams 

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