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Feedly is an RSS reader – or feed aggregator – that lets you organise, read and share the content of your favourite sites.

Website feedly.com Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2017  14
Cost Free and premium versions Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2017  17
Availability Online Top 100 Tools for Education 2017  –
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Comments from some of those who selected Feedly as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2017

“I think everyone should use an RSS reader to personalize their news diet, curating the best sources from around the web. My Feedly reader gives me an attractive summary of the day’s news, bundling everything from the BBC and WaPo to whatever Jim Groom and Audrey Watters are up to lately.” Ted Curran, USA

“Simply the best way to keep up with the things you’re interested in. Feedly lets you track updates from your favorite blogs, websites and a whole host of other sources in a single interface. Organize everything into folders, flag items to read later, tag them for easy retrieval and share the best on social media.” Mike Taylor, USA

“the center of the most new web-based informations” Frank Waldschmidt-Dietz, Germany

“my Windows RSS feed reader, with which I manager approximately 60 feeds group in 12 categories.” Anon, USA

“staying up to date/PKM” Online learning facilitator, Switzerland

Previous comments

“Collates a range of blogs to make it easy to read, share and store interesting articles – I like the way it brings curation easily into people’s hands.” Simon Gosney, L&D Manager, UK, 2016

“Since the retirement of Google Reader, Feedly is the best way that I’ve found to keep up with everything I want to keep up on. Feedly allows me to set up my own personalized information supply system, keep it organized exactly the way I want and makes it easy for me to share the best things I find with others via social media.  Feedly is the hub for my personal knowledge management system (PKM).” Mike Taylor, USA, 2016

“After Twitter, Feedly is the second place I go to in the morning. It aggregates 200+ feeds into 9 collections which I check each day. It is simple, ease to share from and I’d be lost without it.” Andrew Jacobs, L&D Manager, UK, 2016

“This is my favorite content reader. I know there are fancier aggregators out there. But Feedly is simple to use. I have all the blogs I follow in Feedly and go to it at least once a day.” L&D Advisor, USA, 2016

“A feed reader, or aggregator, to keep track of blogs and news sites via RSS.” Harold Jarche, Consultant, Canada, 2016

“My favorite RSS reader that pushes contents from my favorite knowledge podcast, but also daily magazines, so I can listen or read later. As a PLN tool this keeps me simply on track and is pure “learning on demand”” L&D Manager, Germany, 2016

“is my feed reader to keep track of blogs and news sites via RSS” Harold Jarche, 2015
“all blogs in one place” Natalie Raeber, 2015
“Me proporciona una manera sencilla de acceder a las novedades en los blogs de mis autores favoritos.” Marta Toran, 2015

“This is my RSS reader. I spend a lot of time here – for each item that appears in OLDaily I read something like a hundred posts. I’m in the middle of a large scale reorganization of my feed sources. There’s so much out there, I think people don’t realize this.” Stephen Downes, 2014

“Feedly is my feed reader to keep track of blogs and news sites via RSS” Harold Jarche, 2014
“getting all the interesting blogs together” 2014
“the best feed reader on the market” Stephen Dale, 2014
“for bringing the world’s wisdom to me” Sergey Snegirev, 2014
“storage and access from multiple venues / home & work” Suleyman Eren, 2014

“staying up to date with blog subscriptions”  Natalie Raeber, 2013
“Information pull”  Urs Frei, 2013
“my new beautiful RSS reader”  Debra Robinson, 2013
“is my new feed reader, now that Google Reader has been shut down” Harold Jarche, 2013
“reader to replace Google Reader”  Sam Oakley, 2013
“moving to this Google Reader replacement”  Tim Childers, 2013